Seamless Weaver Design Studio - Wearable and Enjoyable Art Inspired by Nature
Seamless Weaver Design Studio has been here since 1977
I began as a weaver and fiber artist and my work and interests have evolved through the years from my earliest childhood days drawing and painting - to weaving, basketry, clay, working with
natural fibers, silk painting, making ethnic dolls, memory boxes, and currently, jewelry design and the interplay of color and texture in natural objects, feathers, gems and beads.
I am inspired by many things around me and enjoy seeing what idea will be sparked by a particular object and how that spark will evolve into an art piece that might set a mood or provoke ones thought and bring a smile to the lips.
The name of my studio, Seamless Weaver, comes from the Biblical account of the seamless garment worn by Christ Jesus (see St. John 19:23) This would have been a simple tube weave...without seams...round, like an infinite circle.
I was also inspired by the 19th  Century English hymn, Holy Trinity, by Joseph Barnby:
In seamless gratitude I weave
A silent, healing prayer,
With shining threads of ceaseless joy;
For man is God's great heir.
I hope you enjoy art pieces and craft and jewelry offerings.

Lynne Darnell
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